Cecodap on draft bill for bullying: it is ambiguous, imprecise

Cecodap on draft bill for bullying: it is ambiguous, imprecise

Cecodap pointed out that public policies are needed, with a real diagnosis of the problems of children and adolescents, clear goals, monitoring and financing.

Cecodap issued a statement, in which it reported that it had sent its formal observations to the draft law to prevent bullying, issued by the National Assembly of 2020. The organization made the analysis after an exchange with children and adolescents who participate in your programs.

In the statement of this Friday, April 23, 2022, Cecodap pointed out that this review and analysis was proposed by parliamentarians four weeks ago. In this sense, the general coordinator of the organization, Carlos Trapani, highlighted that on March 28, the vice president of the Permanent Commission for Education, Health, Science, Technology and Innovation of the National Assembly, Rubén Limas, requested the observations of the draft bill.

Trapani expressed that he saw the deputy’s initiative as positive and after an analysis and discussion with adolescents, “we were able to systematize the observations.” He added that, for the organization, specialized in working for children’s rights, this bill “is ambiguous, imprecise and with legal gaps.”

“We made notes about the purpose of the law, why and what for. We see that the wording is raised in a general way and does not go hand in hand with the complexities that the phenomenon of bullying entails”, explained Trapani.

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He added that it is not possible to eradicate violence at school with measures that only address bullying. In his opinion, peaceful coexistence depends on more factors. Trapani insisted on the need to promote a broad consultation on this law. “We emphasize the need for a law to be disseminated and discussed, so that it can respond to the diverse realities of the population.”

He indicated that “children and adolescents must be consulted on this issue that affects them directly. Their opinions must be taken into account.”

For the also lawyer, children need more than a law. “They need public policies, with a real diagnosis of their problems, clear goals, monitoring and financing. A law that does not have all these elements is a letter of good wishes”.

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