Rural owner can issue Property Registration Certificate

Rural owner can issue Property Registration Certificate

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) informs that the document that proves the registration of rural properties and possessions in the National Rural Registry System (SNCR) can now be consulted and issued.Rural owner can issue Property Registration Certificate

called Rural Property Registration Certificate (CCIR), this document can be obtained through the SNCR Mobile application, available for mobile devices, or through the internet, in the websites of incra (where there is a banner for directing) or directly on the internet address.

The CCIR proves the registration of rural properties and possessions in the system, which is the federal database, managed by Incra, with information on public and private areas.

“Those who do not have access to the internet can use the service in the Citizenship Rooms of the regional superintendencies and advanced units of Incra or in a Municipal Registration Unit (UMC), installed in partnership with city halls”, informs Mapa.

To obtain the CCIR, it is necessary to pay the Cadastral Service Fee, through the Union Collection Guide (GRU), issued with the certificate. According to the ministry, the amount to be paid depends on the size of the area, and must be paid off by August 16, “without charging interest and correction, exclusively through the service network of Banco do Brasil”.

If the discharge is not registered by the deadline, a fine and interest will be charged. “Fee debits from previous years will be charged on the current certificate. In case of printing a duplicate of the document already paid, it will not be necessary to pay the fee again”, added, in a note, the ministry.

The CCIR is essential to break up, lease, mortgage, sell or promise to sell the rural property and for the approval of amicable or judicial sharing (succession cause of death). Without the presentation of this certificate, the owners, holders of the useful domain or holders of any title of rural property will not be able to make any type of change in the title, size of the area, location, type of exploration carried out and land classification.

The CCIR is also necessary for the producer to apply for agricultural credit at banks and financial institutions.

The Mapa informs that any doubts about the CCIR can be clarified with Incra and the Municipal Registration Units (UMC), as well as through a communication channel via instant messages was also made available by the institute – service that is provided by WhatsApp, at (61) 3411-7001.

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