Parade of July 20: these are the road closures in Bogotá

Parade of July 20: these are the road closures in Bogotá

this 2022, The traditional military and police parade on July 20 is held again in the country’s capital to celebrate 212 years of Independence. The District Secretary of Mobility announced the closures and detours that will be due to the commemoration route.

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This year, the parade will not take place on 68th Avenue due to the road works that are being carried out there. The tour, which will take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., will take place on the west side of Boyacá Avenue, between 170th Street and 116th Street.

In addition, due to the location of the troops, There will be road closures at three points in the city. The first, on Boyacá Avenue between 170th and 116th Streets in a north-south direction, the second, between 127th and 170th Streets in the south-north direction, and the third on the north road of 127th Street, between Suba Avenue and Boyaca avenue.

“The management team on the road and the Traffic Police will be accompanying these road closures and allowing residents of the area to pass through. The objective is to avoid affecting mobility,” said Nicolás Correal, Undersecretary of Management of the Ministry of Mobility.

TransMilenio announced that there will be modifications in 44 zonal routes that circulate along Boyacá Avenue, and streets 170, 127 and 116. The services of the Integrated Public Transport System (SITP) will be affected between 5 am and 2 pm

The company recommended planning tours through the system’s official app before leaving.


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