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Route of the congress of the new era visited Lara

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Route of the congress of the new era visited Lara

Alcides Martínez, National Coordinator of the Congress of the New Era in the area of ​​Popular Communication confirmed through his visit to Lara state (Barquisimeto), the organization and consolidation of social movements in this entity to face the stage of political renaissance.

“We took a good impression of Lara in terms of organization and we also systematized a report that will be delivered to the corresponding authorities,” Martínez reported, adding that “when the people organize themselves, imperialism trembles!”

He explained that the 42 social movements that make up the Congress of the New Era Venezuela, Lara section have lived, debated and sought a solution to the problems in the framework of the resistance of a people to economic sanctions, for which they are already passing the stage of rebirth.

“We are in the renaissance, we are overcoming resistance; The Lima Group is over (…) even ECLAC and the International Monetary Fund have indicated that Venezuela is going to be the country with the highest growth, so the political renaissance is coming,” he added.

Martínez, also responsible for the training, communication and propaganda of the working class before the National Assembly (AN) toured and shared in a citizens’ assembly in La Casona, headquarters of the Pío Tamayo Commune and the community radio Antena Libre 96.3 Fm, as part of the programming of the state, municipal and parish route of the aforementioned congress.

another scenario

The spokesmen and women of the 42 social movements that structure the congress in Lara, that is, the secretaries, coordinators, communicators and natural leaders of the nine municipalities of the Lara entity held a meeting at the Juares theater, located in the city of Barquisimeto .

From there, they socialized the synthesis that describes each movement and its proposals to face each stage of social change that is experienced in Venezuela from the national, state, municipal and community levels.

Yelitza Morales, secretary of the Congress of the New Epoch in Lara estimated the contributions and the constancy of teamwork since mid-2022.

“Through this meeting that brought together sectoral, state and municipal promoter teams from the 42 movements, we are assessing and analyzing how to articulate with the popular sectors to promote actions and give strength to proposals that serve as a consultative element in reference to policies of the Venezuelan State”, stated Morales.

In addition, the Lara state deputy also said: “Here nothing stops our process, together with our governor Adolfo Pereira, our mayor Luis Jonás Reyes and the seven lines of work issued by President Nicolás Maduro, we are heading towards expanding social protection and expanding the presence of popular power in the dimension of socialism”.

Congress in networks

The route of the Congress in Larense land had its manifestation in the local social networks, in the user @ MaikelLucena9 it was possible to know that the main objective is the organization in each territory of the Venezuelan social fabric.

Likewise, in some Instagram accounts, the fact of consolidating the prosperity and development of the country stood out.

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