Muere adolescente por disparo en la cabeza que supuestamente realizó agente PN

Adolescent dies from a shot to the head allegedly carried out by a PN agent

SANTO DOMINGO.- A minor died from a shot to the head allegedly carried out by a National Police agent, in an incident recorded in the middle of the Santiago carnival.

According to preliminary information, 12-year-old Donaly Martínez was sharing with his father when he was hit by a shot fired by the agent, allegedly to break up a fight that took place on Las Carreras street at the corner of Mella.

After being injured, the teenager was transferred to a health center where he later died.

In a video broadcast on social networks, you can see how police officers try to arrest the father of the teenager killed, identified as Anthony Martínez.

In the audiovisual it can be seen that none of the agents present try to help the minor who is inert in a chair after receiving the fatal wound.

It was unofficially reported that the police officer who fired the shot that killed the minor was arrested.

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