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Rosario Murillo threatens Monsignor Álvarez with jail by inventing “crimes against spirituality”

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Rosario Murillo threatens Monsignor Álvarez with jail by inventing “crimes against spirituality”

The Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, directed her speech for the second day against opponents and Catholic leaders whom she classified as “puppets and opera buffoons”, threatened them with jail applying her repressive laws created for considering that they “provoke and make ostentation of impunity.”

«We try to live the true life, the good life, without obfuscations, without exhibitions, without comic operas, the good and beautiful life that is not fantochism, but realities and struggles every day to build a culture of peace to advance together to the prosperity we deserve”, expressed the government spokeswoman in her midday communication in official media.

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Murillo expressed that “we are not trapped in soulless pasts, trapped in those infernal pasts, on the contrary, we are looking towards the sun that illuminates us and never declines. We are not unrestrained or unbalanced like those who claim to see the world from a small spirit, we are not for clowns who were left behind and who also represent the absolute contempt of families because nobody wants that past from which we transcended at the point of spirit and strength, “said the vice president.

Monsignor Rolando Álvarez exhorts to cling to prayer as “the only weapon” to defeat evil. Photo: Courtesy

“These are days to take into account that in this blessed country there are laws too, you cannot, you should not break the laws, much less commit crimes, because provoking, flaunting impunity is a crime, especially when what is provoked It is discord, debauchery, we are not for that, ”rejected the spokeswoman for the regime.

In turn, Murillo made reference to Monsignor Rolando Álvarez who has rebuked the Police for the siege and persecution they carry out against him. The hierarch accuses him of committing “crimes against spirituality.”

“When self-respect is lost, or respect for the other person, for the community, for the family, for symbols that, as we have said, are sacred, sacred symbols of our beliefs that are also sacred, when respect is lost, they are in a total loss of self-respect and the person is objectified, becomes a thing and that is gained, on the contrary, everything is lost and what is gained is the rejection of the person who provokes and the growing rejection towards what everything that we have known throughout our lives, as institutions that deserve respect,” he said.

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He assures that these actions generate “discredit to those institutions that deserve respect, it is also a crime, it is a sin against spirituality. What corresponds to us human beings on this plane is to build, not to destroy and much less to destroy each other or claim it because that time has passed, or destroy oneself in those outbursts of fury that only vanity or pride can explain. », said the deputy president who at the same time took the opportunity to announce thousands of activities scheduled to celebrate the capital’s festivities.

Monsignor Álvarez is one of the priests most besieged by the Nicaraguan dictatorship. This is the second time that the Police undertake a strong siege against him, not allowing the parishioners to enter the Curia.

On the morning of August 4, Monsignor Álvarez went out with the Blessed Sacrament in his hand to confront the agents and paramilitaries of the dictatorship, asking that the siege against him cease and questioning the confinement imposed by the regime against him, «What is what is happening. Will we have to celebrate the Eucharist in the street, will we have to grab Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in the street? Well, we do it because the Lord is the Lord of the streets, he is the Lord of history,” the religious told police officers. who keep them besieged with AK rifle in hand.

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