Lieutenant José Pineda details that 28 cars were removed in cranes last night for making clandestine races

At least 28 cars were removed by tow trucks and 112 traffic tickets were imposed during a road safety operation carried out on Thursday night, through which it is sought to minimize the development of clandestine races in La Chorrera, Panama Oeste province.

Lieutenant José Pineda, from the Traffic Operations Directorate of the National Police, alluded to these clandestine races that take place in some parts of the city, indicating that they have received several complaints and some young people have been captured in that area, as well as near the Chiriqui corridor, better known as the Corredor de Los Pobres, which connects with the Chilibre sector.

He indicated that those who dedicate themselves to these races or regattas are very young people who do not exceed 30 years of age.

Pineda stressed that this is a fine with its aggravating circumstance; the first time is $2,500.

These operations are carried out thanks to the announcement of people on social networks and the issue is immediately followed up.

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