Rosario Murillo stands up to Ortega in commemoration of Roberto Clemente

Rosario Murillo stands up to Ortega in commemoration of Roberto Clemente

Six hours before the end of the year 2022 Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo They got into a public discussion. The couple —who usually smile in front of the cameras— arrived angrily at the ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of Puerto Rican Roberto Clemente, in the old National Baseball Stadium and after exchanging a few words, Murillo left the place and he left Ortega alone before entering the act that they would preside over together.

After 0:22 seconds of having started the live transmission of the activity, organized by the Mayor’s Office of Managua, the moment in which Ortega and Murillo are arguing approximately one meter away is observed, while their daughter Camila Ortega Murillo watches them with concern. A moment later the president turns around and Murillo is left talking to herself.

Immediately afterwards, Murillo raises his hand fan and makes a sign to Camila. He then walks over to her Mercedes Benz and her daughter hastily follows.

ortega, meanwhile, advances towards the place of the activity and greets the president of the National Assembly, the deputy Gustavo Porras; the mayoress of Managua, Reina Rueda; and the vice mayor, Enrique Armas. The video also shows the general secretary of the mayor’s office, Fidel Moreno; watching the scene from a distance.

Ortega fakes a smile, and the welcoming committee does the same. He then observes a giant photograph of Roberto Clemente projected in the old national stadium and addresses Deputy Porras. Both advance towards the platform that the mayor’s office placed and the activity begins in which there was not even time to remove the empty chair left by Vice President Murillo.

Ortega spoke for 20 minutes, which is unusual for him, about the story of Roberto Clemente and later left the scene in another Mercedes Benz vehicle.

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