Rosario Murillo: «April is to celebrate the peace for which we fight so much»

Rosario Murillo: «April is to celebrate the peace for which we fight so much»

In reference to the four years of social protests in 2018, the Nicaraguan government spokeswoman, Rosario Murillo, said in her speech this Friday, April 1, that this month is to celebrate the peace for which her regime “so much struggle”.

«First day of April, so much to celebrate these days; Easter, summer, love, joy, family, peace, especially peace, the peace for which we fight so much every day, the peace that we defend so much, the peace and security that belongs to us Nicaraguan families who have given everything, said the vice president of the country.

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Referring to the social protests that began on April 18, 2018, the first lady said that there are “so many Nicaraguans who have sacrificed so that we live as we do, in peace, in family, in values ​​by the grace of God.” What Murillo omitted was the repression that other groups in the country remember this month. In the context of the demonstrations, the administration of Daniel Ortega ordered a “cleaning plan” that consisted of lifting the barricades that opponents installed with “blood and fire.” State violence has since left about 355 fatalities.

“That peace that we protect encourages us, illuminates us, it is the sun, peace, it is the sun that illuminates us and that never declines because we take care of it with care,” he stressed.

Murillo says that April is to “celebrate peace” in reference to the four years of civic protest against his regime. Photo: Article 66 / END

The secretary of the Communication and Citizenship Council also indicated that their “martyrs” are everywhere, “because the people do not forget them; inspires that example of dedication, struggle and victory».

More than six thousand activities

On the other hand, Murillo announced six thousand activities for this weekend, which include sporting, cultural, traditional, tourist, festive events, “for example, the traditional route that goes from Masaya, Carazo, to the Jesús del Rescate sanctuary in Popoyuapa —Rivas—”, he mentioned.

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This is the fourth year that the Nicaraguan people commemorate the beginning of the civic rebellion.

Dictator Daniel Ortega has repeatedly said that what took place in the country was “a failed coup attempt” against his regime, thus justifying his armed attack, repression and imprisonment against the opposition.

To date, the justice subordinated to Ortega keeps 177 political prisoners behind bars before. The State shows no sign of wanting to free them, rather it continues its repression.

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