Rosario Murillo accuses bishops of "violating the gospel to commit crimes against humanity"

Rosario Murillo accuses bishops of “violating the gospel to commit crimes against humanity”

The deputy president of the Nicaraguan regime, Rosario Murillo, directed her communication with the official media to unleash insults against bishops, whom she accused of “committing crimes against humanity.” She, in turn, recalled the civic struggle of April 2018 as a “fight of lackeys and serviles of Yankee terrorism.”

«We remember how there were voices of those who were called pastors who ordered the policemen to be thrown out of the toilets, the policemen who were burning alive. How are we going to forget that? How are we going to forgive that? Neither forgiveness nor forgetting for the massacres of peace, of harmony, of peaceful life and of the people,” said the government spokeswoman this April 4, while insisting on his reiterative message that his administration will not allow anyone to “undermine peace.”

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Murillo continued adding that “we accuse the terrorists, accomplices of Yankee terrorism and protagonists for that hatred that they have carried in the soul and how it poisons hatred, envy, ambition and above all perverts the heart. Incredible how those who should contribute to the common good, peace and tranquility raised their feet, their hands and their voices to promote crimes against humanity in our country».

Bishops walking alongside Nicaraguans during the April 2018 protests. Photo: Internet

The religious have spoken out since 2018 against the repression carried out by the State against the protesters, which has generated a constant attack against the leaders, who deplore the murders, imprisonments and exile of thousands of Nicaraguans as a result of the instability and violence directed by the Nicaraguan presidential couple.

Murillo affirmed that “that infernal, malevolent, evil explosion that will never happen again because if there is something that we care for with zeal it is peace and a right and a duty to care for peace, in our Nicaragua we have the duty and the right to guard peace . Those dark days of terrorism that should shame those who still dare to shout cowardly in the name of Jesus Christ, those are the ones we accuse the most. We accuse those who violate the Christian gospel and incited crimes against humanity.

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He assured that they have made “a promise to our Lord Jesus Christ that those days will never return, that they will never again impede the health of families and communities,” referring to the roadblocks that were installed as a form of protest, but he did not allude about the way in which he guides his dictatorship to lift them up: at the point of bullets, blood and more deaths.

In addition, he accused the protesters of “uploading videos in which they tortured innocent citizens, as they burned policemen alive,” said the deputy president, located by human rights organizations as one of those responsible for directing the repression against those who they demonstrated, leaving more than 350 dead, according to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

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