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Rosario Espinal: PRM is no longer a party of the masses, it is a party of the middle class

Rosario Espinal: PRM ya no es un partido de masas, es un partido de clase media

the political scientist Rosary Spinal assured this Friday that the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) is no longer a mass party, but a party whose electoral core is based on the middle and upper middle class.

“We already have to overcome the vision that the PRM is a party of the masses and of the people, no. The PRM is a party that gave a response to the demands of the middle class and upper middle class, there is its core and electoral base”, he said in statements by telephone to the cast of the radio program El Rumbo de la Mañana, on 98.5 FM.

Espinal indicated that the ruling party is not, in essence, the mass party that the party was at the time. Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), a characteristic that is not seen in the composition of its senior leadership.

He argued that the State needs technocrats who know how to manage the different areas of the country, “it needs capacities that politicians often do not have”, despite this, he specified that the State is “eminently political”.

“The State needs technocracy, it needs technicians, people with knowledge in different areas, but the State also manages interests, therefore, either the technicians must also be politicians or there must be political heads articulating the technical strategies of the State,” he said. When referring to the integration of PRM.

In contrast, it was clear in establishing the problem that said composition of technocrats that make up the PRM are not going to go out in search of votes in the 2024 election campaign.

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Changes in the Government

When questioned about the recent changes that the president has been making Louis Abinader A few days after completing two years in office, she said she felt concerned about such decisions, because in her opinion, they are premature actions for a party that had not governed for many years.

“Two years after Governmentin a party that was out of power for so long, to be removing the important heads of the administrative train, even if people applaud it and like it, it worries me,” he said.

It is recalled that among officials dismissed is Roberto Fulcar, as Minister of Education, considered one of the president’s closest men and who orchestrated his political campaign the two times he ran for the country’s presidency.

In this sense, Espinal commented that, despite the media impact of the dismissals or rotations, what is reflected is that “either the President was wrong with the appointments two years ago or if he was not wrong, and he is removing them by simple rotation. ” and that is worrying since, it must be admitted that it is a party that came to power and is learning to govern in the midst of a world crisis.

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