Romy Chang on initiating an investigation for the dismissal of Armed Forces commanders: "The Prosecutor's Office must summon all those involved, including the president"

Romy Chang on initiating an investigation for the dismissal of Armed Forces commanders: “The Prosecutor’s Office must summon all those involved, including the president”

For the criminal lawyer , it is the obligation of the ensure the legality in the case of the dismissal of the commanders of the .

Chang notes that everyone involved should be investigated, including the president himself.

Peru 21TV interviewed Romy Chang, a criminal lawyer about the request of the Attorney General’s Office to open an investigation against Bruno Pacheco, secretary of the Government Palace for influence peddling.

“The request for an investigation was necessary, but regardless of whether the Attorney General requests it or not, we must remember that it is the obligation of the Prosecutor’s Office to ensure legality and compliance with the law. And when it becomes aware of a possible crime, it is under the obligation to investigate.The Public Ministry must summon all the persons mentioned and involved and the participation of President Castillo himself is not ruled out “, argued the lawyer.

MIRA: The Attorney General asks the Prosecutor’s Office to initiate an investigation against Pedro Castillo’s secretary

In addition, he indicated that the crime of influence peddling is not the only one that would be configured.

“I think the investigation has fallen a little short. We could also talk about abuse of authority because here we would be talking about public officials who would be abusing their functions, and from that request to demand promotions that did not correspond to the detriment of those who would have complied with the demands and requirements to be able to promote and that is sanctioned with a penalty of up to 3 years in jail “

For this reason, he stressed that the power of the president to dismiss high military commanders does have limits due to meritocracy.


Earthquake in the Palace due to the cessation of the military
Secretary of the Presidency, Bruno Pacheco and Minister of Defense, Walter Ayala put pressure on Pedro Castillo’s behalf to be promoted to the military. In addition, Sutep announces a national protest against the government. And the international community does not recognize the dictator Daniel Ortega. Also the Prosecutor’s Office papers Cáceres Llica for the Cóndor case.

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