Rodrygo dressed as 'fake Neymar' and drew Brazil's goal against Switzerland

Rodrygo dressed as ‘fake Neymar’ and drew Brazil’s goal against Switzerland

November 28, 2022, 2:47 PM

November 28, 2022, 2:47 PM

Life without Neymar for Brazil began with triumph. Rodrygo, who came on in the second half, felt the inspiration of his idol to give Casemiro the goal pass against Switzerland, this Monday in Doha, in a duel that began as ’10’ Lucas Paquetá, also leaving a good note.

Neymar sent encouragement to his through the networks and followed the game in full rehabilitation. He tries to recover at a forced march from the right ankle injury he suffered in the 2-0 win against Serbia to return to play in the World Cup in Qatar.

Rodrygo had come on after the break to replace Paquetá as midfielder. He had already played the last quarter of an hour against Serbia, showing that he arrived ‘plugged in’ to Doha.

The 21-year-old started by receiving an elbow from Fabian Rieder, who was shown a yellow card by the referee. One of Tite’s protégés, Rodrygo He had made the difference in that action with a high technical gesture.

In 64 he was already at the start of the goal that Vinicius came to celebrate, annulled by the VAR. He had played with Casemiro, final assistant in an action in which three European champions had participated with Real Madrid last season.

The three players reversed roles. to seal the winning goal. Vinicius started from the left and Rodrygo invented a first touch that left Casemiro alone in the area.

The now Manchester United midfielder he resolved with a hard and precise volley (83).

overtone, Rodrygo touched the goal next. First with a shot that goalkeeper Yann Sommer cleared for a corner. Already in the discount Vinicius left him a ball and the Real Madrid talisman could not score either.

– Oxygenate and look for Richarlison –

In the starting lineup, Paquetá, 25, stood behind Richarlison, with Raphinha on the right and Vinicius on the left, the three attackers who accompanied ‘Ney’ on the first day.

He had also started against the Balkans Paquetá, but he played in the center of the field, along with Casemiro.

Lucas Tolentino Coelho de Lima’s foot did not tremble, known as Paquetá because it is the name of the small island where he grew up, in the bay of Rio de Janeiro.

Pure talent, excellent technically, the West Ham player was on a mission to link with Richarlison and oxygenate the game of his.

Capable of keeping the ball or acting as a pitcher for his striker in the few cons that Brazil had, Paquetá played with freedom of movementfloating between the defense and the Swiss midfield.

From there he was able to set up a touch for Richarlison (12) or look for him from the left, in a play that cleared the defense of the European team (20).

They were two of the few sparks of a Brazilian team decaf in this first half.

Rodrygo’s magic finally appeared. Ronaldo, Cafu, Roberto Carlos and Kaka They smiled from the box. Without Neymar, his heirs had managed to finish the job and Brazil is already in the round of 16.

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