Cecilia Moreau will be re-elected as president of the Chamber of Deputies

Cecilia Moreau will be re-elected as president of the Chamber of Deputies

One of Moreau’s great merits is having achieved consensus in the Lower House. (Photo: Maximiliano Luna).

The legislator of the Front of All (FdT) Cecilia Moreau She will be re-elected until December 2023 as president of the Chamber of Deputies, in a preparatory session that will take place next Thursday and in which the authorities that make up that legislative body will also be renewed.

Moreau, a leader who is part of the Frente Renovador -the political space led by Sergio Massa-, and which became the first woman to preside over the chamberwill agree to a new mandate after having fulfilled the main objectives that he set himself since he took office on August 2.

The re-election will take place in a preparatory session that was convened by the parliamentary secretary of the lower house, Eduardo Cergnul, for Thursday at 11, with the aim of designating the authorities, according to the summons sent to the legislators.

In addition to ratifying Moreau, the deputies will also confirm the first vice president of the Chamber, Omar de Marchi (PRO); the second vice president, José Luis Gioja (FdT), and the radical Julio Cobossaid the spokesmen for the ruling party and the opposition coalition of Together for Change (JxC).

Although there is no parliamentary renewal derived from an electoral result, the tradition in the body indicates that the positions of the deputies who were appointed at the proposal of their blocks must be maintained and a change is only made if there is a resignation, as happened in the case of Massa, today in charge of the Ministry of Economy.

One of the main challenges that Moreau had to face was sanctioning the extension of taxes and the 2023 Budget, which are key to Massa’s management, after the setback suffered in December 2021 when the law on expenses and resources designed by the Former Minister Martín Guzmán.

The creation of consensus with the opposition blocks allowed him to approve it with 180 votessince it was voted not only by the FdT but by the radicals of both sides that the UCR is divided into -the classic bench and Radical Evolution-, the Federal and Provincial and Ser interblocks.

When drawing up a balance, Moreau recalled last Friday that thanks to the consensus with those blocs the Budget was approved with 180 positive votes and was “the most voted in the last 20 years”.

“The lower house received recognition from the Congressional Budget Office (OPC) for the treatment it was given, with a debate for three weeks and the exposure of nine ministers and more than 20 national officials, before giving it the average sanction,” he said in a statement.

Although this year it was able to achieve the objectives of sanctioning the main economic projects, such as the Budget and the extension of taxes and a set of social initiatives, Now the ruling party will seek to hold two more sessions: one that could materialize after the election of authorities to discuss a set of agreed initiatives such as the obstetrics regimen; and another on December 14, which will have as its central theme the project that modifies the Money Laundering and terrorist financing law, where a reform of Law 25246, of the Penal Code and the creation of the Registry of Beneficiaries are proposed.

Moreau will arrive at the preparatory session on Thursday with the achievement not only of having sanctioned the key laws that the Government requires, but also with have formed consensus -a task that he also carried out from his position as vice president of the bloc- for other initiatives of a social nature.

Achievements of his management

The building of consensus with the opposition blocks allowed Moreau to approve it with 180 votes.
The building of consensus with the opposition blocks allowed Moreau to approve it with 180 votes.

Since August, seven sessions have been held with topics of consensus and initiatives such as the Registry of Food Debtors, Sign Language and the elimination of Income Tax for health workers when they make their fifth shift could be approved.

The list is contemplated with the project to establish Zero Alcohol, the creation of a Federal Training Plan for officials on the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents; and the expropriation of the Cromañón building to build a Museum of Memory.

Other projects whose sanction was claimed by social organizations were those linked to establishing medical care procedures for the Care of Pregnant Women and Persons facing Perinatal Death; expedite the process of the Single Certificate of Disability; the expansion of the program to preventatively treat congenital heart disease and the Regime of Regularization of Ownership for Socio-urban Integration.

pending projects

Although this year it was able to advance in a set of economic and social projects, the treatment of the initiatives of presumed income, Agroindustry and the creation of the Fund to pay the debt with the IMF.

Another project that is unlikely to be dealt with this year is the Wetlands Law, due to the lack of agreement between the FdT and JXC, and the lack of consensus with the governors, especially with those who have mining projects in their districts.

It also remains pending the project for the creation of the Pension Debt Payment Plan so that some 800,000 people who did not meet the years of contributions can retire.

The text indicates that the plan will be made up of a Payment Unit and a Contribution Cancellation Unit for active workers.

In addition, the periods to be included in the Plan will include periods prior to December 2008 inclusive for those who adhere to the Payment Unit and prior to March 31, 2012 for the cancellation of contributions.

In the case of the Payment Unit, it will be in force for a term of two years from the entry into force of the law and may be extended for the same period.

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