Rodolfo Hernández's advisers, one went through the Petro campaign in 2018 and the other advised Trump and Bukele

Rodolfo Hernández’s advisers, one went through the Petro campaign in 2018 and the other advised Trump and Bukele

Victor Lopez and Rodolfo Hernandez.

The “engineer” hired experts to boost his campaign for the presidency.

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Behind the presidential campaign of Rodolfo Hernández, there are some people who have contributed great things to the success of his candidacy, which came second in the voting in the first round, a fact that surprised many.

One of those characters is its director of communications, Luisa Fernanda Olejua, in charge of the entire marketing strategy that positioned the social media engineer as one of the candidates for the Casa de Nariño with the most content generation and great engagement with his public.

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On the other hand, one of the people who provides advice at this time was working on strategic issues with Gustavo Petro in the last elections. This is the Argentine Angel Becaccino.

Rodolfo Hernández's advisers, one went through the Petro campaign in 2018 and the other advised Trump and Bukele
Ángel Becaccino, adviser to the “engineer” Rodolfo Hernández.

This writer, musician, photographer, journalist, publicist and political consultant, was part of Gustavo Petro’s campaign in 2018, an electoral contest that the leader of the Historical Pact lost to Iván Duque.

Now, being in the “engineer” campaign, Becaccino has responded to Gustavo Petro’s phrase about the relationship between fighting corruption and doing it via “Tik Tok”, as Petro referred to Hernández’s social media strategy.

«The Rodolfo Hernández campaign are proposals, not TikTok phrases. If we have had the ability to communicate through TikTok, it is a problem that will be affecting Petro,” said the HR advisor today.

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About what Petro is today for him, Becaccino said this:

«Four years ago I was in Gustavo Petro’s strategy, in the left consultation, in the first round and in the second round. Petro was a candidate, a person with proposals, clarity and elements that made me think that Petro was the best for Colombia », he expressed in dialogue with Snail News.

And he added: “At this moment I feel that Petro has changed, made up his attitude towards the country, has incorporated a smile on his face and an urgency in his attitude to try to achieve the Presidency of the Republic by negotiating with whomever it is necessary to negotiate.”

Finally, he revealed that he has been friends with Rodolfo Hernández for more than 20 years and that according to his concept for those who compare the engineer with Trump, speaking simply and directly that everyone can understand is something in common between the two.

The Spanish adviser who worked with Bukelele and Donald Trump.

Another success in the campaign of the “engineer” Rodolfo Hernández is another adviser who is part of his work team. This is Víctor López, a Spaniard who designed the communications strategy that today has the 77-year-old from Santander in the second round.

Before, he was part of the victory of the current president of El Salvador Nayib Bukelele, with whom he worked in 2019 so that the politician reached the highest position in his nation.

“We won!” he wrote at the time on the page of his company Kayros Group.

Rodolfo Hernández's advisers, one went through the Petro campaign in 2018 and the other advised Trump and Bukele
Bukelele and Victor Lopez.

For López, the best way to contact Rodolfo Hernández with Colombians was through social networks: “A much lower investment is made than that required by billboards and television spaces,” he said.

He met RH in October 2021 at his home in Bucaramanga and since then began his employment relationship with the “engineer”.

The Spanish expert in communications designed the marketing strategy in which the premise was not to make a fool of himself but to use humor as the fundamental basis of the campaign.

In a short time he managed to change the image of the candidate, giving him greater visibility in the country.

The bet for the second round is that Hernández is “authentic and does not make mistakes because his opponents are going to try to show him as someone aggressive, populist, incapable, uncontrolled, without knowledge of the public and willing to make a pact with the devil.”

In his social networks, Víctor López has shared his achievement with the candidate:

«I remember as if it were today on Saturday, October 30, when I landed in Bucaramanga until January 27, when I said goodbye to that campaign. How with a lot of work, strategy and creativity it was possible to go from 5% to 14% in all the polls and today that incredible team has made history again and will go to the second round of elections because all that effort had to be rewarded after everything that each and every one of them has gone through, ”said the candidate.

“Your family loves you very much, I’m glad I helped you to achieve glory,” he concluded in his message.

In addition to Rodolfo Hernández and Nayib Bukelele, Víctor López has been in the presidential campaign of tycoon Donald Trump, who was president of the United States.

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