Excombatiente de Angola, Las Tunas

Angolan ex-combatant commits suicide after receiving a fine of 4,000 pesos

MIAMI, United States. — Angel Pacheco Soublet, a Angolan ex-combatantcommitted suicide in Las Tunas after receiving a fine of 4,000 Cuban pesos for selling food in a wheelbarrow, a neighbor of the deceased denounced in a video posted on social networks.

The 83-year-old veteran allegedly made an attempt on his life because the poor pension he received —barely 1,500 pesos— was not enough to pay the fine.

“He sold food and vegetables to support his family (…) It’s real, it did happen. This is a calling. Gentleman, put your hand on your heart. Those inspectors, when they go to issue a fine, see the social situation we are in, that we are going through a pandemic,” lamented the neighbor.

The complainant shared on her Facebook profile images of the house where the Pacheco Soublet family lives in a poor neighborhood in Las Tunas, as well as the room where the deceased’s wife is, who remains bedridden.

A former neighbor of Pacheco Soublet identified as Sabrina Isabella also denounced the incident in Facebook.

“How sad when you lose a neighbor who saw you grow up! How sad that these things happen because of extremist people! I received this news in the morning and it hurts me not being able to be there to hug my friend Yuliet or my neighbor Sandra. How sad that they cannot catch the brazen ones who rob and defraud the people and this man, for selling some vianditas, have led him to commit this madness that was his only solution or the only way out of it! ”, She wrote .

Ángel Pacheco Soublet kept the medals received after the war in Angola, as well as a certificate that accounts for his participation in the internationalist mission.

The deceased also had diplomas issued by the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Las Tunas “for his active participation in the community activities of the District.

(Photos: Facebook/Mari Chico Rio)

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