Rocha reiterates its commitment to protect private investment

  • The state governor inaugurated the MX Industrial Forum, which brought together all the states of the Republic.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, May 6, 2022.- In the company of the Secretary of Economy of the Government of the Republic, Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya inaugurated the MX Industrial Forum, which took place in Mazatlán, where he reiterated the commitment that his government will protect the investment made by businessmen to generate jobs and thereby send a signal to the rest of Mexico that Sinaloa is reliable for investment.

The event was held at the Mazatlán Convention Center and was organized by the Mexican Association of Secretaries of Economic Development (AMSDE), and brought together the heads of said dependencies of the 21 states of the Republic, with the Secretary of Economy as host. from Sinaloa, Javier Gaxiola Coppel, who welcomed them.

In his inaugural message, Governor Rocha highlighted the importance of protecting productive investment. “That is to give confidence to the investor, we are a government that is fostering confidence,” he reiterated.

He referred to the case of the fertilizer plant that is to be built in Topolobampo, a project that had been on hold for around 10 years, and recalled that one of his first actions upon assuming the governorship was to support a citizen consultation so that the population could decide if they wanted the construction of said plant, since it represents an investment of 5 billion dollars, but above all, the possibility of generating 2,500 direct jobs.

“The 5 billion dollars matter to me for a reason, because they are going to generate 2,500 direct jobs for us, in addition to attracting other supply companies, and the message we send abroad matters more to me, this is a German investment, where we say you know what? Come here, here we have the opportunity to invest and we take care of it, the government takes care of the investment of businessmen”, he specified.

In this same sense, and taking advantage of the presence of Secretary Tatiana Clouthier, he recalled that on a recent visit to Sinaloa, she accompanied him to Cosalá, to lead the reopening event of a mine that had been inactive for 19 months due to a labor dispute with the union, but thanks to the agreement and negotiation reached between both parties, its reopening was possible and even a new investment of 30 million dollars by this Canadian consortium.

“That is what we governments have to do, promote investment and protect it, show that we are indeed interested, here is the opportunity to invest,” he concluded.

In turn, Secretary Tatiana Clouthier celebrated the completion of the MX Industrial Forum, whose objective is to promote Mexico and Sinaloa as an industrial destination to attract new national and foreign investments. Share visions and experiences in order to create possibilities, specify actions and investment opportunities.

He said that the work that falls to all the secretaries of Economic Development and Economy gathered at this event is to facilitate and create conditions so that investments can land in their states, but always accompanying businessmen, as part of a strategic alliance. between government and private initiative.

“That is part of what concerns us, that is why I continue to insist that we have a fundamental task of continuing to work on facilitation and being able to seek from the local level that we can have processes for faster authorizations and I assume the part that corresponds to us,” he said.

In welcoming, the Secretary of Economy, Javier Gaxiola Coppel, thanked his counterparts from the other states for their assistance and stressed that the conditions are there and it is time to take advantage of them and achieve the industrial and logistics development that we so much need in the country.

Governor Rocha was also accompanied by the Secretary of Administration and Finance, Enrique Díaz Vega; the Secretary General of the Government, Enrique Inzunza Cázarez; the president of the AMSDE, Carlos Alberto García, and as host mayor, the municipal president of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

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