Roberto Chiabra on rejection of vacancy: "Those responsible are the congressmen who changed their vote"

Roberto Chiabra on rejection of vacancy: “Those responsible are the congressmen who changed their vote”

For the congressman , It’s a shame the role of before the presentation of the president , in the discussion of the vacancy motion. He strongly criticized his colleagues.

Did Pedro Castillo’s speech convince you?

The president has failed to understand the moment we are experiencing due to his irresponsibility. It was his great opportunity to speak to the nation and answer the series of questions not only because of his incompetence in appointing cabinets, but yesterday the president had to prove his innocence. What did he do? Blame others. Yesterday there was a raid on the Tarata bridge, his nephews are involved with Bruno Pacheco and have not been mentioned. The unknown is: what a coincidence that, like the Tyrants and the Dynamics, the main ones disappear.

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What can you say about your parliamentary colleagues?

We Peruvians wonder what happened to the votes. The congressmen who have changed their position, were they convinced by what the president said? They organize two parties for Pedro Castillo and he doesn’t realize it, his security is very irresponsible, then. The president has passed a fence and those responsible are the congressmen who changed their vote. There are 19 congressmen who have abstained and if you do a calculation, from 76 to 55, there are 21 congressmen and among them are those who abstained. It is an individual responsibility, it is a matter of dignity.

What will happen to the political future if the president’s attitude continues?

The president says I don’t steal but he is letting his nephews who are involved steal. He has a shadow cabinet, and that shadow cabinet has complaints, what does the president do to remove them. The president is the first who wants to stay because as long as he is in office, he has freedom insurance. He must know that if the Prosecutor’s Office puts one foot on the accelerator, the president is vacated. Because as soon as the charge ends, jail will wait for him, his nephews and his friends. He has to react.


Congress saved Pedro Castillo from PRESIDENTIAL VACANCE
Presidential vacancy against Pedro Castillo only added 55 votes in favor. The analysis with APP congressman Roberto Chiabra. Also, Pedro Castillo’s nephews on the run, all the details. Also, losses by Cuajone add up to 255 million soles. And TODAY Peru plays the playoff against Paraguay. Up Peru!

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