Roberto Chiabra on Dina: "We always lose the information war"

Roberto Chiabra on Dina: “We always lose the information war”

To independent congressman the message of to the Nation, where he refers to the former president for carrying out a coup, he is a little late.

“In Peru we always lose the information war. What Dina Boluarte has said about President Pedro Castillo should have said since December 7, that is why we have bad information abroad and within. How many people do you think are marching because they know that Pedro Castillo carried out a coup and failed?indicated.

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“The thing about the truce. This act of requesting a dialogue must be accompanied by all the representative leaders of the churches. What they ask for is impossible and they only have a political objective. Here you also have to criticize the regional governors, they are part of the articulation system and they cannot be put in profile, they cannot ask the president to resign because they are also part of the blame. For 20 years we have had corrupt and incompetent governors, if we had had successful governors we would not be in this situation.”he concluded.


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