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Judge authorizes autopsy of the military after delay

This siesta the corpse of Leader Javier Ríos was found. The forensics could not start the autopsy, because the judge’s order authorizing the procedure did not arrive, so it was postponed until tomorrow, Wednesday.

First Sergeant Líder Javier Ríos, disappeared on January 12or, was found dead this siesta in the Mbiguá area. His body was buried at a shallow depth and hethey bequeathed to him through the confession of the policeman Oliver Lezcano Galeano, who was arrested as responsible for the crime.

The body is in the judicial morgue, where The autopsy could not be started, due to the fact that a court order was required, which did not arrive throughout the afternoon.

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Nobody explains to the relatives why the delay of a simple order is due. In addition, the victim’s brothers try to communicate with the prosecutors, but no one answers their calls or messages. Finally, it was confirmed that the autopsy is postponed until tomorrow.

“Twelve days we had to wait to find him and now that he has been found, we are going to have to keep waiting,” lamented the sister.

Yoan Paul López is the magistrate who must send the order written to authorize the start of the autopsy. The prosecutor Federico Delfino has already made the request, but he cannot go beyond that attempt. The judge’s response does not depend on him.

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The coroners explained that the time limit for receiving the order is until 6:00 p.m., a term that has already expired, so the autopsy will necessarily take place tomorrow, Wednesday.

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