RN will evaluate the expulsion of Senator Juan Castro from the parliamentary committee after a parallel constituent table and defense of Pancho Malo’s assistance

The political commission of the National Renewal (RN) will evaluate next Monday the expulsion of the senator John Castro (IND-RN) of the party’s parliamentary committee. This, after the legislator joined the parallel table on the constitutional process and defended the assistance of the leader of Team Patriota, Francis Munoz (better known as Pancho Malo, former leader of the White Claw) to the instance.

According to Thirdleaders of the RN political commission will ask the senators of the community on Monday to expel Castro from the parliamentary committee.

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Let us remember that the senator, together with other independent parliamentarians, from the DC, Amarillos por Chile, the Partido de la Gente (PDG), and the Republican Party, announced the formation of a parallel table (which is led by the president of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies and of the Senate, Raul Soto (PPD) and Alvaro Elizalde (PS)) on the constituent process.

On Wednesday, Castro confirmed the attendance of Pancho Malo -who was convicted of murder in 2000- at the parallel table, indicating that he did not know of his “profile.” Indeed, the leader of Team Patriota arrived this Thursday at the former National Congress, where the two tables are held for the constituent process.

The arrival of Francisco Muñoz generated criticism from different political sectors, considering that together with his group he has held funas against various political figures -including from Chile Vamos, as the president of the UDI, Javier Macaya– for continuing with the constituent process.

“It does not worry me”

“It does not worry me”. That was the reaction of Senator Castro when he was consulted about the request made by the leaders of the RN political commission.

“I am not concerned about what a political commission is saying, if that political commission has never invited us senators to a meeting to talk, to talk about politics, to talk about what we want as a country for the future,” he told CNNChile.

“So, I’m not worried about what they think, if I have to leave tomorrow I’m leaving, I have no problem,” he added.

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