RN: presence of the National Security Force will be evaluated every month

After a wave of criminal attacks, Rio Grande do Norte has returned to a more normal environment in public security.

Last weekend was the first no record of violent acts. Even so, agents of the National Public Security Force who are acting in the state in support of the local police will be kept in operation indefinitely. The information was provided by the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, who visited Natal this Friday (31) and met with Governor Fátima Bezerra and state authorities.

“The National Force remains indefinitely in Rio Grande do Norte so that we can have the stabilization of this situation. And we will evaluate with the governor every 30 days [a manutenção dessa presença]”, said the minister. He explained that the performance of the force is always temporary, by constitutional determination, since public security is a responsibility of the states. The decree that authorizes the use of federal agents runs until April 14 and should be renewed.

In the minister’s evaluation, the joint effort between the federal and state governments, in addition to city halls and security professionals, managed to control the situation of violence in the state.

“We had a situation of decline in those worrying indicators. Therefore, my first words are tribute to the police, state police, federal police, to all those who joined the leadership of Governor Fátima, and I mean to the state and federal parliamentarians, I am referring to the mayors, all those who, together, understood that the union was, and continues to be, the best method to demonstrate the authority of the law and to recompose it, in its fullness, here in this important Brazilian state”, said Flávio Dino.

The state has experienced moments of terror throughout this month with more than 300 attacks, which began on March 14, including fires in public buildings, commercial establishments and vehicles in dozens of cities in Rio Grande do Norte. The actions were carried out by a criminal faction that dominates the penitentiary system in the state and would have promoted the attacks to denounce violations of rights and demand better conditions in prisons.

“We here will continue tirelessly to guarantee the people of Rio Grande do Norte protection and peace,” said Governor Fátima Bezerra, after meeting with the Minister of Justice. The event in Natal also marked the delivery of 220 rifles, in addition to pistols and ammunition that will help state security forces. Vehicles for multiple uses were also delivered, in addition to new vehicles destined for the Maria da Penha Patrol, of the Women’s Police Stations. These last actions are part of the launch of the National Program for Public Security with Citizenship – Pronasci II.

After visiting Rio Grande do Norte, minister Flávio Dino fulfilled his agenda in João Pessoa, where he also delivered Pronasci II vehicles and announced investments of R$ 14 million for the construction, in the capital of Paraíba, of a unit of the Casa da Mulher Brasileira. “We have seven Brazilian Women’s Houses in the country, and President Lula authorized the Ministry of Justice to build [unidades] in all states,” he said.

Casa da Mulher is a public space that concentrates specialized and multidisciplinary services for assisting women in situations of violence.

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