Rivera: a man is riddled with bullets at the door of his house

In the last hours of this Saturday, a 41-year-old man died after being the victim of multiple gunshots, which he received at the door of his house. The homicide occurred around 11 p.m. in the department of Rivera

According to the local Police Headquarters, the crime, which occurred at the victim’s house, took place on Brasil Street, on the corner of Fernando Segarra, in the Rivera Chico neighborhood.

The police report indicates that a man knocked on the victim’s door and he opened it. The moment he now passed away he opened the door, the killer shot him. The murderer fled the home on a motorcycle driven by a third person.

Members of the 10th section went to the aforementioned address. The victim was transferred to the Comeri sanatorium, where he was treated. However, the man died minutes later; the diagnosis confirmed that the man received at least six shots.

In accordance with Underlined, Family members indicated that they heard shots and when they left they found the man in the hallway of the house. In addition, they indicated that the victim was a person addicted to narcotics.

Officials from the PADO, the Directorate of Investigations and authorities from the command headquarters worked on the site. In addition, members of the Scientific policewho surveyed the scene and came to collect various 9mm caliber pods, as well as a cell phone.

In charge of coordinating the investigations of the case is the prosecution of 2nd Shift, who has already ordered various actions.

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