RioFilme will encourage the presence of Carioca cinema in events abroad

RioFilme will encourage the presence of Carioca cinema in events abroad

Linked to the Secretariat of Government and Public Integrity (Segovi) of the city of Rio de Janeiro, RioFilme launched an unprecedented public notice to support participation in international exhibitions and festivals. Registrations are open in continuous flow, in the public notices area of ​​the site by RioFilmewhich means that the public notice is not competitive, said today (27) to Brazil Agency the company’s investment director, Maurício Hirata.RioFilme will encourage the presence of Carioca cinema in events abroad

Interested film producers will be able to register free of charge until December 5, or until the limit of 13 proposals is reached.

The public notice will distribute BRL 130,000 this year, benefiting each selected production company with the amount of BRL 10,000, to help cover travel expenses with films selected at international events. As the invitations arrive, RioFilme analyzes them. The analysis is completed within 15 days after the film or producer has registered for the public notice.


According to Maurício Hirata, the objective of the public notice is to give the greatest possible visibility to audiovisual production in the city of Rio de Janeiro. “The film is submitted by the production company, which must have been from Rio de Janeiro for at least two years,” said Hirata. This means that the production company must be regularly based in the city for more than two years, from the date the company was founded until the date of publication of the notice in the Official Gazette of the municipality, on the 23rd.

Only company partners, executive producers, directors or main actors of the feature film selected for the international exhibition or festival will be admitted as representatives.

The evaluation and approval of proposals will follow the order of registration, but the public notice establishes some criteria for the use of resources, which can only be applied to travel and accommodation expenses of those contemplated.

One of the requirements is that the film is selected, or has been invited, to participate in one of the festivals listed in Annex 4 of the public notice, also available on site of RioFilme, in the area of ​​public notices. Eligible festivals have been divided into categories ranging from Specials (such as Cannes, Oscars, Berlin and Venice), AA, A and B. All listed events will be considered for fundraising by entrants.


According to Hirata, the idea is for the public notice to be a permanent part of RioFilme’s annual funding program. “If all goes well, if there is demand for films from Rio, the idea is to expand the budget in the coming years. We’ll see how the demand is this year, but the idea, depending on the success of the carioca film abroad, is to support more and more films.”

Hirata said that RioFilme intends to stimulate, more and more, the internationalization of Rio’s production. “It is essential that Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian production have the greatest possible international presence. Dialogue with world cinema is a priority for RioFilme and for the city of Rio de Janeiro.”

RioFilme’s Director of Investment pointed out that, if the film by the Rio de Janeiro production company is invited to an international exhibition or festival that will take place next year, it can be supported this year without any problems.

Hirata stressed that, to participate in the public notice, the film must have been invited or selected for the exhibition abroad. “It’s not for films to enter festivals or shows. It is a support to those who have been selected for exhibition at festivals or shows. You will have to present the invitation to participate”.

The second public notice should be launched at the beginning of the first half of 2023.

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