Foreign Ministry presented balance of the sixth day of elections abroad

Foreign Ministry presented balance of the sixth day of elections abroad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that on the sixth day of the elections abroad, 40,087 Colombians attended to vote, for a total of 159,908 voters during the six election days.

He also pointed out that the positions with the highest number of votes during the six days that have elapsed have been Miami with 20,591 voters; Madrid with 13,700 voters; Orlando with 7,527 voters and New York with 5,908 voters.

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The sixth day of the elections abroad ended with the closing of the voting points located in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver. And with the opening of polling stations located in Auckland, Wellington in New Zealand; Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane in Australia; Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya in Japan and Seoul in South Korea.

From the San Carlos Palace in the city of Bogotá, the Electoral Monitoring Table of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues 24 hours a day to monitor the elections in the positions enabled in the current elections around the world.

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Tomorrow May 29 begins the first round of election day in Colombia where it is expected to elect the next President of the Republic. According to the registry, Of the 39,002,239 Colombians authorized to vote in the presidential elections, 38,029,475 will be able to do so in the national territory and 972,764 abroad.

In the development of this electoral process in the city of Bogotá, the Colombian capital, the Mayor will install the District Unified Command Post at six in the morning, in order to verify and monitor how the logistics and security of the 901 polling stations distributed throughout the city.

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