Rio has a sudden increase in positive tests for covid-19

Rio has a sudden increase in positive tests for covid-19

The state of Rio de Janeiro registered a sudden increase in the positivity rate of RT-PCR tests for detection of covid-19 from the middle of the 52nd epidemiological week (December 26 to January 1), according to the Secretary of State of Health (SES). The rate rose from 1.4% at the end of December to more than 20% in the first days of January. Rio has a sudden increase in positive tests for covid-19

This increase is not yet reflected in this edition of the Covid-19 Risk Map, released today (7) and which brings data from previous weeks. According to the map, the state remains under the green flag, with five regions under the green flag and four under the yellow flag. In the study by the department, each flag represents a level of risk and a set of social isolation recommendations, ranging from purple (very high risk), red (high risk), orange (moderate risk), yellow (low risk) and green (very low risk).

The indicators used to analyze the map take into account the installed capacity (beds and occupancy rate) and the increase in the number of deaths and hospitalizations, in addition to the positivity rate. So far, these data do not point to a worsening of the risk situation for covid-19, reflecting the advance of vaccination throughout the state.

“We are facing the circulation of a new variant with high transmission capacity. However, so far, we are not seeing an aggravation of cases, which in general are mild and even without symptoms. Part of this is due to the large percentage of the immunized population. Therefore, it is extremely important that the vaccination schedule is carefully observed. Those who have not yet taken the second dose should look for a health center as soon as possible, as well as people who can already receive the booster dose”, said Secretary of State for Health, Alexandre Chieppe.

Testing increase

With the high demand for diagnosis of covid-19, the department is expanding the capacity to carry out tests to detect the disease in the state. This Friday, six testing centers were opened for mild cases or people who had contact with someone who tested positive four or five days ago.

The structures were assembled in the emergency care units (UPAs) in Tijuca, Marechal Hermes and Penha, in the north, and Bangu, Campo Grande II and Jacarepaguá, in the west. The service takes place from Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 6 pm, and the testing capacity is 200 exams per day. As of Monday (10), the tests must be scheduled through the website of the Department of Health (

Patients with moderate to severe symptoms, such as fever above 37.5°C and breathing difficulties, should directly seek an Emergency Care Unit (UPA) or hospital emergency, where they will undergo the test and undergo medical care to assess their health status.

Next week, three more stations will be opened with greater daily capacity for testing. The centers will be installed at the Dr. Ricardo Cruz State Hospital, in Nova Iguaçu, Baixada Fluminense, and at the Iaserj do Maracanã post and at the Célio de Barros Athletics Stadium, also in Maracanã, north of Rio.

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