Revolt in Tacumbú prison for “Gordito Lindo”

Relatives and associates of “Gordito Lindo”, mostly women”, held an incidental demonstration in front of the Tacumbú Penitentiary, demanding that he not be taken to another prison, since they assure that his life is in danger.

Just this Tuesday the criminal judge of Guarantees Yoan Paul López ordered the prison of “Gordito Lindo” and the people who helped him on Sunday to escape from the Tacumbú prison.

In the midst of all this situation linked to “Gordito Lindo”, the death of an inmate inside Tacumbú was confirmed this afternoon. The preliminary report indicates that this person shows no signs of violence. The deceased person was identified as Rubén Meza, 36 years old.

According to the preliminary report, this inmate does not show signs of violence on his body, so the cause of his death must be determined. Rubén Meza had been held in the Tacumbú prison since January 17, 2019 and had a criminal case for aggravated robbery.

Security was reinforced in the vicinity of the Tacumbú National Penitentiary due to the fear of a possible riot, this after confirming the intervention by the Ministry of Justice.


The entrance Revolt in Tacumbú prison for “Gordito Lindo” was first published in diary TODAY.

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