Revenue releases Income Tax services to Portal

Revenue releases Income Tax services to Portal

As of today (3), contributors with a silver or gold level in the Portal gained access to more services and features within the Federal Revenue Service Virtual Service Center (e-CAC). They will be entitled to services until now restricted to those who had a digital certificate, the type of electronic signature sold on the market.Revenue releases Income Tax services to Portal

The services released are as follows:

• Completion and correction of the Income Tax declaration in the e-CAC environment;

• Copy of the declaration and delivery receipt;

• Copy of transmitted files;

• Visualization of the receipt number;

• Visualization of fine mesh issues;

• Delivery of documents to regularize the situation with the Tax Authorities;

• Consultation of Individual Income Tax debts;

• Issuance of Tax Collection Document (Darf)

As of March 15, taxpayers with a silver or gold account will also have access to the pre-filled Income Tax return on the e-CAC. In this modality, the IRS provides a form with data obtained from statements sent by companies, financial, real estate and medical institutions, and the taxpayer is responsible for confirming the information or making adjustments before submitting the income tax return.

According to the Federal Revenue, the new services will reduce the need for citizens to go to a tax office to get data from previous years’ declarations. Last week, the Tax authorities had raised the security level for access to the e-CACprecisely to allow the services available to taxpayers with digital certificates to be provided to more people.

The deadline for submitting the 2022 Personal Income Tax return starts at 8:00 am on Monday (7) and goes until 11:59:59 pm on April 29. This year, the IRS expects to receive 34.1 million documents. Whoever sends the declaration after the deadline must pay a fine of R$ 165.74 or 20% of the tax due, whichever is greater.

security levels

Secure identification to access digital public services, the account is available to all Brazilian citizens. Login has three security levels: bronze, for less sensitive services; silver, which allows access to many digital services; and gold, which allows access to all digital services.

Accounts registered exclusively with information from the Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF) or the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) are considered bronze level. The registration made in person at the INSS units or the National Traffic Department (Denatran) also has this level.

Silver level accounts are validated by one of these three sources: driver’s license facial biometrics, Sigepe registration (in the case of public servants) or bank details from one of the seven banks associated with Portal (Banco do Brasil, Banrisul, Bradesco , BRB, Caixa Econômica Federal, Santander and Sicoob).

Finally, accounts validated with facial biometrics from the Electoral Justice or by a digital certificate compatible with ICP-Brasil now have a gold level of security.

Contributors with bronze level accounts can raise the level of login security by performing validations that confer higher levels.

Click here for more information about the procedure.

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