Retirement payment in June: look at the date and place of collection

He retirement and pension collection corresponding to May may be made as of Friday, June 2 for those who receive payment directly via deposit in a bank account or electronic money instrument (Midinero, De Anda, Prex and OCA Blue), both in Montevideo and in the interior of the country.

Meanwhile, the collection in the payment networks can be made from Tuesday, June 6, both in Montevideo stores and in the interior, according to the calendar stipulated by the Banco de Previsión Social (BPS).

In the following link you can check the exact date and place of collection of your benefits by entering the identity card number.

The options

Cash payments are made at the BPS headquarters building in Montevideo, as well as at any location of the networks enabled for the payment of benefits (Abitab, Anda, Redpagos and El Dorado supermarkets).

People who charge in the interior of the country must do so at a location in the decentralized collection network of their locality (Abitab, Anda, Redpagos or El Dorado supermarkets).

The complete list of payment locations is also available at Montevideo and in the inside.


Furthermore, those who have BPS personal user they can access their receipts at any time through the online services. People who do not yet have the user can request it with their identity card and email address at the decentralized payment location where they are collecting the benefit.

The BPS reminds that at the time of collection you must present a valid identity card. In the case of proxies, guardians and curators, the last receipt or photocopy of the holder’s identity card must be presented.

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