MORE about the UCV: We must defend the possibility of voting

Felipe Mujica, general secretary of the MAS, asked the UCV community to continue defending the vote to make the changes they want. He expressed that what happened at the Central University of Venezuela, as well as in Spain and Turkey, should be taken as a reference “to claim, defend and place the vote in the place it should be.”

The Secretary General of the Movement for Socialism (FURTHER), Felipe Mujica, considered on Monday, May 29, that “we must come out in defense of the vote” at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), after the electoral process last Friday, May 26, was paralyzed and, later, they were scheduled to on June 9.

Mujica, in the usual MAS press conference on Mondays, pointed out that university students have to continue on the voting route “although unfortunately they could not exercise their right to vote.”

He asked those who participate in the election process in that house of studies not to lose hope and maintain the premise that it is through voting that they will make the changes they want for the UCV.

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The political leader of the MAS, according to a press release, highlighted that both the UCV elections and the electoral processes in Turkey and Spain constitute “three different scenarios where the fundamental thing is that the vote be exercised as an instrument to the changes and for those changes to be made in a democratic, plural and constitutional manner”.

Regarding Turkey, Mujica said that the continuity of a government – ​​that of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been in office for more than 20 years – was ratified through broad participation at the polls. That, in his opinion, is a sign that through the vote, solutions are given through the electoral path.

In the case of Spain, he considered that the victory of the Popular Party (PP) over the PSOE had to do with the mechanism of alternation in power; which for the general secretary of the MAS is another example of democracy. “This also indicates its importance for alternative situations to occur when democracy works,” he said according to a press release.

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On the other hand, he stressed that “Venezuelans have the opportunity, with the vote, to seek some of the options that the vote allows”, as happened in Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay now, “where electoral processes have been carried out that have allowed sectors from different locations in the political field to enter the government or leave it.”

For this reason, he indicated that Venezuela is the only country in South America, “where this has not been possible because despite the fact that there is an overwhelming majority to the worst government in our history, however the non-defense of the vote, the non-participation and not using the vote as an instrument of struggle have prevailed” so in his opinion, Venezuelans “must take these three references, UCV, Turkey and Spain to claim, defend and place the vote in the place it should be”.

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