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Respiratory viruses: Health remembers high-risk habits

Taking into account the increase in consultations that has been registered at the country level for respiratory conditions, mainly influenza and COVID-19, since ehe Ministry of Public Health urges citizens to intensify care measures.

The public institution recalled the frequent hand washing with soap and waterthe use of a mask in closed and poorly ventilated places, and when going to health establishments.

It also advises avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth without prior hand hygiene, covering coughs and sneezes with the crook of the arm, never with the hand to avoid spreading the virus. It is necessary to maintain the cross ventilation of environments.

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If respiratory symptoms occur, the person should go to the health service with a mask on. Do not attend the workplace with symptoms or places with agglomeration of people.

as long as sharing tereré or mate constitutes a potential transmission hazard for influenza, COVID-19 and other circulating respiratory virusesbecause the virus is impregnated in the bulb through saliva and by sharing it with another person, it enters through the mouth and contagion occurs.

Keep in mind that any action that involves the exchange of saliva or contact with a cold or runny nose can put us at risk of contracting respiratory viruses.

Kissing, sharing glasses, cutlery and light bulbs are included in these high-risk actions.

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