Rescue of flora and fauna that inhabited the “Bonga de Cuervito”, in Chiriquí

A team of technicians from the Forestry and Biodiversity sections of the Ministry of the Environment (MiAMBIENTE), in the province of Chiriquí, carried out the rescue of flora and fauna that inhabit the bonga tree (Ceiba pentandra) and adjacent areas, located in Cuervito, district of Progreso, in the district of Barú.

During the day, different species of flora such as ferns, orchids and bromeliads were rescued, as well as various insects, which will be relocated within a protected area, which meets the conditions for their survival, the entity said.

As reported, to make this decision, several inspections were carried out, including compliance with the standards established for such a case, and based on Resolution DM 0055-2020.

“You have to understand that safeguarding life is the priority of all officials, we have experienced two recent accidents that did not happen to majors; we must be responsible for what could have been avoided and was not done,” said the mayor of the district of Barú, Carlos Beitía.

For her part, Krislly Quintero, regional director of MiAMBEINTE, confirmed that several technical reports were made and the necessary recommendations to proceed have been given. She added that the tree is facing phytosanitary problems, so it is vital to guarantee the safety of the population.

While César Villar, deputy commissioner of the National Border Service (SENAFRONT), explained that documents have been issued for several years about the danger of the tree and that even four weeks ago the detachment of the branches that fell on the car was recorded. in which a family travelled.

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