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Republican deputy Cristóbal Urruticoechea accused Movilh of “hiding pedophilia” and requested that his entry into Congress be evaluated

Controversial statements were outlined by the deputy of the Republican Party, Cristóbal Urruticoechea. The parliamentarian intervened in the midst of the proposal that seeks to repeal the law that penalizes those who have sexual relations with people of the same sex under 18 years of age, even though it is with sexual-affective consent.

The deputy took advantage of the instance to launch a hate speech towards the LGBT communities, putting homosexuality with pedophilia in the same bag. All these controversial statements he made under the argument of “protection of the family”.

“To repeal this article is to allow pedophilia, and it is what NGOs have tried to do for a long time, through their ideological lobbies with the protection of some deputies. It is our duty to protect families, and above all children”, commented Urruticoechea.

Video via Twitter @Marcemomo

He also added that “it is not possible that those who agree with gender ideology, especially Movilh, want to secretly allow pedophilia, alleging false discrimination.”

Finally, he maintained that “I request you, President, to evaluate the entry of those people who are not deputies or have any employment relationship with Congress and want to allow this type of monstrosity in our country.”

Given this, the activist for LGBT rights and the first trans deputy, Emilia Schneider, stated through her Twitter account that “again the deputy Urruticoechea spreading lies and hatred in the Chamber. We have already sent him to the Ethics Commission once, but he insists on stigmatizing sexual and gender diversity. I completely repudiate! The far right is unleashed.”

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