Report indicates 4 possible crimes in the Sucre-Foglocons case

Report indicates 4 possible crimes in the Sucre-Foglocons case

The president of the Assembly’s Audit Commission, Fernando Villavicencio, presented documentation to the Prosecutor’s Office for investigations to be carried out.

The 125-page document concludes the existence of the alleged irregularities in the handling of the Unique Regional Compensation System (Sucre). The Audit Commission, with a majority vote, approved the report of the so-called ‘Case examination process Sucre-Foglocons’.

On page 110, the legislative board indicates that there was a “Alleged corruption network”, which would have operated using legal “tools” “approved by all constitutional bodies, such as the Constitutional Court and the Assembly itself.”

The conclusion reached by the Commission, chaired by Fernando Villavicencio, is that this “would have allowed the former president of the Republic Rafael Correa Delgado, implement and regulate, through executive decree 395, all the operations with which the SUCRE System would function, the same one that would apparently serve as the stage for a criminal plot ”.

The report indicates that the Commission was able to obtain specific references from Ecuador’s public institutions, which established that most of the commercial transactions carried out under the Sucre System were “fictitious and overvalued.”
In addition, it indicates that the use of the SUCRE System was lto tool through which the possible crimes of:

1.- Illicit enrichment
2.- Embezzlement
3.- Tax fraud
4.- Money laundering

In the end, the assembly members who approved the document indicated that “without the existence of a structure hierarchically organized criminal with defined roles, could not be consummated ”the alleged infractions.

The document also indicates that the company would have participated Foglocons through fictitious exports between Ecuador and Venezuela, in a network that includes Alex Saab, considered a figurehead of Chavismo, and Álvaro Pulido, wanted by the US justice.

At 11:00 this Tuesday, December 14, 2021, three of the members of the Audit Commission went to the Prosecutor’s Office to initiate investigations. Assemblywoman Ana Belén Cordero indicated that they will also send copies to the entities of research from Colombia, the United States and Panama where economic operations would have occurred.

Fernando Villavicencio warned that within his oversight work he found that the Central Bank of Ecuador took money to finance operations with Venezuela. “That is embezzlement and it is imprescriptible,” he said. (DP)


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