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Report and punish cases of sale of girls, asks AMLO

Roberto Garduño and Néstor Jiménez

La Jornada newspaper
Wednesday October 27, 2021, p. 9

There is a very classist and racist tendency to accuse the poor of all evils, stated President Andrés Manuel López Obrador when he asked him again for his position on the sale of girls in La Montaña de Guerrero.

In indigenous peoples there is a great reserve of cultural, moral, and spiritual values. I don’t think there is social decomposition where there is culture, and in indigenous communities there is a lot of culture. I condemn to denounce, and all that there is on these cases must be attended and punished, he stressed.

In the National Palace he responded extensively to a complex issue. The issue of child trafficking or prostitution is not the generality of what happens in the communities, as is sometimes presented in the media. It may be the exception, but not the rule, because they have many values. I have known the life of indigenous peoples for years and there are many more values ​​than in other strata or sectors of the population.

Thus, the president spoke for keep fighting selling girls. He said that in the Milpa Alta mayor’s office there is not the same level of decomposition as in Cuauhtémoc. There are terrible things of child prostitution among the elites that the media conceal.

Here in Mexico City, in Milpa Alta, there are fewer crimes per inhabitant than in Roma or Cuauhtémoc. Because in Milpa Alta there is community life, there is culture, and in Cuauhtémoc there is more social decomposition, disintegration of families; the children no longer have guardianship. So, do not make mistakes and be thinking that these evils, which must also be fought and not allowed, only occur in indigenous communities.

Whoever asked him insisted that they do not speak ill of indigenous peoples, but rather of the commission of crimes (such as trafficking), and the President replied: Of course, and you have to keep fighting it, but I can tell you that there are more values ​​in indigenous communities, where there are cultures, than in other places where community life no longer exists. So, do not make mistakes and be thinking that these evils, which must also be fought and allowed, only occur in indigenous communities.

And again the incisive questioning: why, if you go to La Montaña, not address this issue? Doesn’t it deserve the same importance as the rest? The questioner replied.

The Executive revoked: is that I am attending to the general, that the community is strengthened, that the importance of the peoples is recognized.

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