Labores en la zona del hotel Saratoga, en La Habana, a varios días de la explosión ocurrida en el lugar. Foto: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Remains of the Spanish deceased in the explosion of the Saratoga hotel will be repatriated this Wednesday

The mortal remains of the young Cristina López-Cerón, the Spanish tourist who died as a result of the explosion of the Saratoga Hotelin Havana, will be repatriated this Wednesday, according to information provided to the media by the Government’s deputy delegate in Lugo, Isabel Rodríguez.

“We are in permanent contact with Cristina’s relatives. It is expected that at the end of today her mortal remains will leave for Spain”, specified Isabel Rodríguez, according to a report from the agency EFE.

“From the Government we offer you all the support and collaboration you need in these difficult times you are experiencing. We try to accompany them in their pain for the loss of their daughter”, added the sub-delegate of the Government.

The mayor of Viveiro, María Loureiro, said that the residents of this Mariñana town, especially those who knew the deceased young woman, are “dismayed and sad” by this fatal “coincidence.”

“Who would have thought on Friday, when we heard the news of the explosion, that a neighbor would be among the fatalities”, “who could have imagined it”, asked the mayor.

Causes of explosion at the Saratoga hotel are not yet conclusive

“We feel,” said María Loureiro, “very sad” and people in the town speak of “the damned coincidence”, that the victim really had “very bad luck.”

Cristina Lopez-Ceron is one of the 43 fatalities whose remains have been found so far by firefighters and rescuers who continue to search for people under the debris generated by the explosion, presumably caused by a gas leak that occurred in the tourist facility.

The accident affected almost a hundred people, including Cristina’s partner, the also Spanish César Román Santalla, who was rescued alive and underwent surgery to save him, and still remains in serious condition hospitalized in a hospital in Havana.

Both were visiting the Cuban capital and were walking near the tourist facility at the time of the explosion, which caused serious damage to the property, as well as to other surrounding areas.

The tragic event was lamented by the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, and by the Head of State of that nation, King Felipe VI, who expressed their condolences to the family and friends of the Spanish tourist, as well as those of the rest of the victims of the incident, and the Cuban people.

EFE / OnCuba

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