Relatives of Marbella de Sousa begin a hunger strike in the MP to demand justice

Relatives of Marbella de Sousa begin a hunger strike in the MP to demand justice

The relatives of Marbella de Sousa have been on a hunger strike since last Monday, June 26. “We want justice to be done for my sister”, who was accused of “invading” by Tarek William Saab on social networks “without evidence”, says Jean Carlos de Sousa

Relatives of Marbella de Sousa began an indefinite hunger strike in front of the Public Ministry in rejection of the statements of the prosecutor imposed by the extinct constituent assembly, Tarek William Saab, who on May 31 described de Sousa as an “invader”.

The family of Marbella de Sousa assures that they were accused “without any type of evidence” and demand that justice be done.

Despite the fact that the owner of the property alleges that her house was invaded, Jean Carlos De Sousa, brother of Marbella de Sousa, affirms to SuchWhich that his relative has lived in the property for “almost seven years” as a tenant and even maintained a friendship with Viloria.

He says that on the night of Friday, May 26, the Prosecutor’s Office No. 5 of the José Laurencio Silva municipality, in the state of Falcón, together with two patrols of the Falcón Police, appeared “without any type of order”, in the company of Mariela Viloria, owner of the property, to review and interview her sister.

«On Saturday 27 (May) we went to the prosecutor’s office to take the payment receipts where it is stated that there is no invasion and even a residence letter that my sister had from two weeks ago to do some paperwork. But they did not accept anything from us, neither that day, nor the Monday (following) », she explains.

Evidence of payment for rent made during the month of April 2023 by Marbella de Sousa. Photo courtesy of the de Sousa family.

Relatives of Marbella de Sousa begin a hunger strike in the MP to demand justice

Certificates with the signature of MARIELA Viloria, owner of the house where Marbella de Sousa lived. Photo courtesy of the de Sousa family.

The evidence includes a document showing that Viloria, who is a lawyer, was the legal representative of Ronni Quevedo, a sentimental partner from Marbella de Sousa in 2017.

He states that, to his surprise and without any type of investigation by the authorities, on Monday, May 26, Marbella de Sousa had an arrest warrant. “They did not ask anyone, they did not ask for papers, nor did they inquire with the condominium to check if what the owner of the house said was true. With these actions it seems that the conditions of the tenants are being criminalized », she criticizes.

He asserts that his sister did not appear before the authorities out of fear. In the opinion of Jean Carlos, the situation is about “a compromise between the owner of the house who is a former prosecutor of the Lara State Public Ministry and her nephew who is an active prosecutor in the municipality. That is why my sister did not show up and we decided to find a way to clarify the situation. He insists that “at no time” did her sister refuse to vacate the property, nor was there a request for it.

“Influence peddling is punished and that is one of the things that we ask the prosecutor to investigate this situation,” he demands.

On Tuesday, May 30, the house where Marbella de Sousa lived was raided: “They handed over the house to the lady (Mariela Viloria), she recorded a video thanking the Attorney General of the Republic and she keeps the house with all the furniture, jewelry and clothes of my sister and my niece. We could not enter more », she details.

Jean Carlos de Sousa assures that, despite the fact that since Tuesday, June 6, he delivered probative documents that show that Marbella de Sousa is a tenant in the house, to date they have only obtained the signature of “received, plus the saying that the situation is being studied.

De Sousa regrets that due to this situation her sister is having health problems: “We fear for her mental health. Imagine that one day you are pointed out in networks as if you were a criminal and you are also going to be arrested. He affects anyone, his morale has been hit », he says.

He affirms that Marbella will continue “in protection because we do not trust the representation of the prosecution, nor the courts. We fear that they will deprive her of her freedom«.

Relatives of Marbella de Sousa

With a banner, Cinthia de Sousa (daughter), Ronni Quevedo (partner) and Jean Carlos de Sousa (brother) assure that they will remain on an “indefinite hunger strike” until justice is done. Photo: Lucia Ramirez.

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