Familiares de Jesús Cuevas esperan dicten coerción a su verdugo

Relatives of Jesús Cuevas await coercion against his executioner

SANTO DOMINGO.- The relatives, who are shocked by the tragic death of their relative Jesús Cuevas Peña, refused to speak to the press about the event.

The Public Ministry requests imprisonment against Francisco Javier Garcia Quezada accused of murdering the victim with 13 stab wounds, then cut her body in half, and mutilated it using a bladed weapon, a hacksaw and a hammer, the incident occurred at the residence located in the San José neighborhood of Kilometer 7 of the Sanchez Highway, on October 6.

In the instance it is established that the defendant, after dismembering the victim’s body, wrapped it in plastic covers, and put it in a tank, which he covered with a black cover, adhesive tape and placed two Blocks on top of the tank, which was located in a room in the defendant’s home. Place, where the authorities found the lifeless body inside the tank, on November 3 and arrested the accused.

The jurist Juan Geraldo Aquino, lawyer for the victim’s relatives, who are in the Palace of Justice waiting for the process to be known.

The judge of the Office of Permanent Attention of the National District, Lissa Verás, has not yet begun to hear the request for a measure of coercion against the accused.

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses Francisco Javier García Quezada of murder and carrying an illegal weapon to the detriment of Cuevas Peña. The document indicates that the victim and the accused were partners since they had an informal loan business.

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