Hospital Piñeyro del Campo celebrated its 100th anniversary and a commemorative stamp was presented

Hospital Piñeyro del Campo celebrated its 100th anniversary and a commemorative stamp was presented

This Monday, November 14, the Geriatric Center Hospital «Dr. Luis Piñeyro del Campo» celebrated its 100th anniversary and a commemorative stamp was presented alluding to such a significant occasion, which was attended by the Vice President of the Republic, Beatriz Argimón.

On the occasion, the President of ASSE, Leonardo Cipriani, maintained that the maturity of a State is measured in how it respects its elderly and that this Hospital specialized in comprehensive care for this population that is in a situation of vulnerability is an example of it.

He stressed that maintenance works are currently being carried out on the roofs and that, together with the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works, the roads, of the utmost importance for the internal transfer of patients within the extensive property, have been reconditioned.

He also announced works for the kitchen, laundry room and new maintenance premises. Fiber optics is also being incorporated.

The hierarch said that currently the Hospital has 206 residents and 60 who attend the Day Center.

For her part, the Vice President of the Republic, Beatriz Argimón, affirmed that in these 100 years, the Center has witnessed the transformation of society.

He added that the Hospital, like the INAU, began as nursing homes, to become over time, moving from mere protection to the exercise of rights.

He expressed that these 100 years imply redoubling the commitment for a better quality of life.

Meanwhile, the President of the National Postal Administration, Rafael Navarrine, stated that with the commemorative stamp, philately and the Uruguayan State pay a fair and well-deserved tribute to what the Geriatric Center Hospital “Dr. Luis Pineyro del Campo.

The Director of the South Region of ASSE, Blauco Rodríguez Andrada, stressed that ASSE is an institution that has unique specialized centers, and that in this specific case it is possible to translate it into work by the elderly.

The Director of the Hospital, Alejandra Ferrari, said that there are 100 years of history that involve many people, from those who generated it to the different authorities, directors, officials and users, who were marking their mark at different times.

In this process, it is reached today, with a Geriatric Center Hospital that provides care to the most vulnerable older adults, in a specialized, interdisciplinary and multidimensional way, with humanized and quality care.

In addition to the authorities already named, the Vice President of ASSE, Marcelo Sosa, the Vocal, Julio Micak, the Director in Representation of Users, Natalia Pereyra, the Minister of MTOP, José Luis Falero, the Undersecretary of this Portfolio, Juan José, participated. Olaizola, Vice President of the Post Office, Julio César Silveira, the Director of this body, Jorge Pozzi, authorities from the MSP, from Sodre, from other institutions, legislators, residents, officials, members of the Support Commission and Alberto Piñeyro, who days ago presented a book in commemoration of the 100 years of the Hospital.

The event culminated with the presentation of the Sodre Youth Orchestra.

Medications and Psychiatric Charges

Consulted by the media about the lack of some medicines, the President of ASSE affirmed that they are the same as in the private system, since they are not available.

However, he said that all of them can be changed to other drugs, that is, they do not affect the health of patients.

The hierarch indicated that a report from the Association of National Laboratories maintains that in 2021, ASSE broke a record for the purchase of medicines.

This year 4,523 million pesos have been invested in medicines, and an extra item was given in November to stock up.

Regarding the Psychiatry charges, he said that ASSE has 161 more charges.

Cipriani also pointed out that the number of residents needs to be increased, but that the Department of Psychiatry at the University of the Republic has not allowed resident doctors to work at ASSE, as was always done.

He added that there are open calls, and that in this Accountability there are 600 more hours of Psychology. ASSE

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