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Reinaldo Pared’s widow: “he was not killed because he was going to be investigated”

Santo Domingo.-Ingrid Mendozawidow of the deceased politician Reinaldo Wall Perezwho committed suicide almost a year ago due to major depressive disorder, assured this Thursday that her husband did not commit suicide because he was going to be investigated and criticized those who affirm that his death was not due to suicide, but that he was murdered.

“Reinaldo did not kill himself because he was going to be investigated, FALSE, there was no reason for it, because as he said, he went through the mud without getting dirty. No one from the PLD ordered them to do it. His family didn’t. I DID NOT MAKE IT!! Reinaldo committed suicide, of HIS OWN WILL,” Mendoza asserted in a series of posts on his Twitter account (@ingridmendozap).

He clarified that “His decision was not cowardly or brave! It was not to run away from any situation or any investigation!”

“His choice was based on the DEPRESSION that overwhelmed him and against which his psychiatrist, my children and I fought for months, tooth and nail, without being able to overcome it,” he said.

Mendoza revealed that “Reinaldo he suffered from a major depressive disorder, professionally treated, that was the third attempt to end his life, the other two were aborted by my children and by me, which is why we gave him continuous follow-up. The house had been cleared of weapons, there were none!”

“Some not even their own pain makes them empathic! I listened with astonishment to someone affirm in an interview that Reinaldo did not commit suicide, but that he was murdered and his body was placed there. FAKE! This is not a Netflix movie, it is the most painful episode in our family’s life,” Mendoza said.

“We do not know how he obtained the weapon used, it is a response that should be produced by the investigations whose conclusions we have requested, on multiple occasions, from the competent authorities, due to whose inaction and delay anyone feels entitled to invent a false version of the facts”, held.

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Mendoza asked the authorities for the conclusions of the investigations into the death of Pared Pérez, who was president of the Senate for several years.

He said that “The senior leaders of the PLD (Dominican Liberation Party) could not know of his depression, because none of them visited him, only some called him once. Rei’s family and mine were aware, because despite the fact that he forbade me to make his disorder known, I violated the promise and told those closest to me”.

Mendoza assured that depression can be suffered by anyone and in the case of Pared Pérez the causes were: “Political betrayals; the match situation; cancer; labor inactivity; pandemic; attacks on networks by their own supporters and the absence of very close people who should have been physically present.”

“Enough of speculating and inventing falsehoods guided by dark interests. Enough of playing with the pain of a family that lost someone who was a fundamental part of it. We have two and a half years struggling with cancer, depression, suicide, and now Rei’s absence,” she expressed.

Ingrid Mendoza

He indicated that “That sad decision was made by him as a result of the serious depression in which he was plunged. It was the only way out of the mental labyrinth he was in. Anyone who has suffered from it or has a close relative suffering from it, knows what it is and what it implies!!”

He said that “Since some did not do it when he had life, at least now, that he is gone, LET REINALDO REST, respect his death and his memory!”

“Let our family live and suffer the pain, let us try to stand up in the face of this tragedy that we have had to live through! ENOUGH of taking the immense pain that surrounds the hearts of our families destroyed by sadness, to try to make “shocking” news. We are ALL working our mourning, let us find a way to continue and Reinaldo rest in peace!! THANK YOU!!” he concluded.

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