Registration for Enem 2022 ends on Saturday

Those interested in participating in the National High School Exam (Enem) have until next Saturday (21) to register, qualifying for the tests that will be applied on November 13 and 20.Registration for Enem 2022 ends on SaturdayRegistration for Enem 2022 ends on Saturday

Registration for Enem 2022, both for the print and digital edition, must be made on the Participant’s Page. To access it, Click here. The fee is R$ 85, and can be paid via PIX, credit card or bank slip until the 27th of this month.

At the time of registration, the candidate chooses whether to take the foreign language test in English or Spanish. He also chooses whether he wants the printed or digital exam and informs if he needs any special assistance (accessibility, for example).

The student also fills out a socioeconomic questionnaire informing whether he has completed high school and other registration information.


The exams will be on the 13th and 20th of November. For the first time, the candidate will be able to present the digital version of the identification document on the day of the test. E-title, Digital Driver’s License or Digital ID will be accepted. The candidate must open the application and present the document to the inspector. Screenshots will not be accepted.

The exam will have four objective tests and an essay in Portuguese. Each objective test will have 45 multiple choice questions.

On the first day of the exam, tests in languages, codes and writing (Portuguese language, literature, foreign language, arts, physical education and information and communication technologies) and in human sciences and their technologies (history, geography, philosophy and sociology).

The time for the test is five hours and 30 minutes, counted from the authorization of the head of the room for the beginning of the tests.

On the second day of the exam, tests in natural sciences (chemistry, physics and biology) and mathematics and their technologies will be applied. On the second day, the time to take the exam is five hours, counted from the authorization of the head of class for the beginning of the tests.

The answers for the objective tests will be published on the Inep Portal until the third business day after the last test.

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