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Regime upholds the right of Cubans to return and Anamely Ramos responds: “Stop lying”

MIAMI, United States. – The Cuban art curator and activist Anamely Ramos responded this Thursday to a tweet by Ernesto Soberón, general director of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), in which the official alludes to the right of nationals of the Island to return to their country.

“The Cuban government ratifies its commitment to guarantee regular, orderly and safe migration; as well as the right to travel, emigrate and to return of Cuban citizens, in accordance with the requirements of our immigration law,” wrote Soberón on Twitter while conversations on immigration issues were taking place between Cuban and US authorities, in Washington.

On Facebook, Ramos wrote: “This official says that Cuba guarantees orderly emigration and that they also guarantee the return of its citizens. And what am I? Alien? I am not only a Cuban citizen but also a Cuban resident and I maintain the desire and intention of returning to my country.”


On February 15, the airline American Airlines (AA), following orders from the Cuban authorities, banned Ramos boarding the plane that would take her back to Cuba after a little over a year out of the country. Subsequently, on February 27, the airline prevented him again travel, on a rescheduled flight after talks with the AA itself.

“Why is Cuba preventing me?” the Cuban curator also asked herself. “If they think I am a threat, let them try me in Cuba. I left legally for Mexico in January 2021 to study and nobody told me that they would open a process against me. Why, if I’m so bad, didn’t they do it at that time? Stop turning into criminals those who denounce and face their excesses. The only criminals here are you.”

“Why is Cuba hiding behind American Airlines and not making official statements about my case? Why They do not receive me at the Cuban Embassy in Washington? That is her job, it is not a favor, ”said the activist.

“Stop lying. Every day it will be more difficult. The world is already seeing them for what they are: thieves who have stolen a country and who are not interested in expelling everyone in order not to let go of an illegitimate power. The shame of the thousands of Cubans risking their lives fleeing will fall on you forever. Above you all the tears, the separations, the parents who died without seeing their children again. Cowards!” he finished.

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