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Regime prevents activists Osvaldo Navarro and María Elena Mir from leaving Cuba

MADRID, Spain.- This Thursday afternoon, the Cuban regime prevented activists Osvaldo Navarro Veloz and María Elena Mir Marrero from leaving Cuba.

When they were at the José Martí international airport to travel to Stockholm, Sweden, an immigration officer informed them that they were prohibited from leaving due to national security measures, he denounced through Facebook the also activist Marthadela Tamayo.

Navarro and Mir Marrero would travel to the European country to participate in the Defenders’ Day 2022 Conference.

“State Security, just understand that we are citizens of this country, and that it is not a crime to live in the land where we were born. Here we continue, because here we owe ourselves, ”said Tamayo in his publication.

For its part, the human rights organization Cubalex, When denouncing the fact, he recalled that “the Cuban state arbitrarily regulates citizens who dissent or inform.”


Already last June, the Cuban authorities had denied Osvaldo Navarro Veloz leave to attend the IX Summit of the Americas in the city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

On that date, the journalist from CubaNet Mary Matienzoto the independent journalist Henry Constantín, director of Cuban Timeand the activist Aimara Peña, among others.

In July of this year, the Cuban Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Press (ICLEP) registered at least 22 independent journalists who could not leave the national territory because they were “regulated”, a term used by the regime arbitrarily to prevent the mobility of citizens.

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