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Regime establishes family feud in the OAS, after dismissing Arturo McFields

The Ortega regime officially dismissed the journalist and diplomat Arthur McFields as permanent representative of Nicaragua to the Organization of American States (OAS) and appointed in his place Francis Obadiah Campbell Hookeralso formalizing the family feud in the diplomatic mission before this regional body.

Through the presidential agreement 50-2022, published in La Gaceta, Official State Gazette on Thursday, March 24, the appointment of Arturo McFields Yescas, in the position of permanent representative of the Republic of Nicaragua, with the rank of extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), contained in the presidential agreement 183-2021 ”, dated October 27, 2021.

In this same edition of La Gaceta, presidential agreement 51-2022 is published, through which the appointment of Francisco Obadiah Campbell Hooker, as representative of Nicaragua before the OAS, is formalized.

With the appointment of Francisco Obadiah Campbell Hooker, the regime establishes a family feud in charge of the diplomatic mission of Nicaragua in the OAS, since his son, Michael René Campbell Hooker, was named in the presidential agreement 181-2021, published on October 20, 2021, as “alternate permanent representative of the Republic of Nicaragua, with the rank of extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS)”.

McFields’ removal as “extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador” to the OAS comes a day after the journalist and diplomat denounced in the middle of a plenary session of the regional body the abuses and excesses of the Ortega regime in Nicaragua.

“I take the floor on behalf of the thousands of public servants at all levels, civil and military, of those who are forced by the Nicaraguan regime to pretend, to fill vacancies and repeat slogans, because if they don’t they lose their jobs. Denouncing the dictatorship of my country is not easy, but continuing to remain silent and defending the indefensible is impossible”, McFields first expressed in his intervention during the session this Wednesday, March 23.

The first reaction of the Government of Nicaragua was to dismiss McFields’ statements, arguing that he was no longer accredited as ambassador to the regional organization and launch a dirty campaign against himalso eliminating any record of his appointment.

“Mr. Arturo McFields does not represent us, so none of his statements are valid. Our representative before the OAS is Ambassador Francisco Campbell Hooker, duly accredited,” said a brief statement about the incident issued this Wednesday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, it was not until Thursday, March 24, with the publication in La Gaceta, that the regime formalized his removal. McFields himself. he raised it in an interview with the journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro in the program Tonightwhich is broadcast on Facebook and YouTube due to regime censorship.

“They have to do all the formal procedures for that to be valid, that is, a document is sent and the appointment must also be published in La Gaceta, it is not just what you are going to say, he is dismissed. An appointment has to be made, published in La Gaceta, and the document that is published in La Gaceta, you take it to the OAS protocol office; and if you don’t have an official document published in La Gaceta, I don’t know how much weight any press release has, ”McFields replied to the question about the procedures for his early removal.

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