Regime comes out in defense of Ana Hurtado: "This aggression is vile and cowardly"

Regime comes out in defense of Ana Hurtado: “This aggression is vile and cowardly”

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban regime has not been slow to come out in defense of the Spanish communist activist Ana Hurtado, who was confronted this Thursday in a supermarket in Barcelona by a man who accused her of defending the “assassins of the regime.”

It was the Cuban leader Miguel Díaz-Canel himself who condemned in Twitter the alleged assault suffered by the young woman.

“This aggression is vile and cowardly, it is inadmissible. Our denunciation and condemnation. Ana Hurtado we are with you. We love love, we hate hate,” the president wrote.


Former spy Gerardo Hernández Nordelo published a photo on the same social network in which Ana Hurtado appeared receiving medical attention in a hospital.

“We condemn the aggression suffered by our sister Ana Hurtado! Fascistic haters who ask for “freedom of expression” for Cuba cowardly attack a woman for the “crime” of defending the Cuban people. Where are those concerned about human rights?” said the national coordinator of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR).

Depending on the site cuban reasonscontrolled by State Security, Hurtado was attacked by two men who allegedly attacked her “violently from behind” and spat on her “as an act of contempt and humiliation.”

“There is so much hatred and evil that the enemies of the Cuban Revolution summon, through the media, that these puppets of that dark policy dare to publicly attack a girl, for the simple ‘crime’ of declare, with pride, his condition as a communist militant, of loving Cuba and its people,” said the digital portal.

In a video Appeared on social networks, the defender of the Cuban dictatorship said she was “a very honorable communist” and repeatedly called the man who approached her a “worm.”

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