Child reported missing was found alive inside a sewer

Child reported missing was found alive inside a sewer

A curious fact happened in Germany, when an eight-year-old boy who had disappeared days ago was found inside the local sewage system.

Joe is his name, who has a mental illness and during these last days he remained hidden among this underground system. For this reason it was very difficult for himRescuers find it and determine who might be there.

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This event occurred in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, where thanks to the screams and cries that the minor emitted, A passerby in the sector managed to hear him and notify the authorities. This person immediately called the authorities and they came to his rescue of the minor who had been missing since the June 17.

It is not yet known how he survived these long days there, however, the boy was unharmed and at the time of the rescue he was transferred to the city hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and dehydration.

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At the moment, the minor’s statements are not known, even so, the authorities indicated that it was not a kidnapping given the way it appeared and the place.

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