Sancti Spíritus: Más hoteles pese a los graves problemas de vivienda

Regime asks for “alternative solutions” to solve the housing problem in Cuba

MIAMI, United States. — “We do not fail to recognize the limitations, but there is also a lack of initiative, alternative solutions,” assured a few days ago the Prime Minister of the Cuban regime, Manuel Marrero Cruz, about housing problems, one of the main concerns raised by the population of the island.

the provincial newspaper Tribune of Havana called attention to the issue this Friday, listing several of the problems linked to housing construction nationwide.

“The rules of the ‘game’ are very clear: enough contemplation, justifications, bureaucracy and delays in the processes of execution, repair and others associated with housing, because it is time to make a radical change in this program, for the that for three years there has been a renewed state policy,” the newspaper said.

The official media echoed Marrero’s recent statements with the provincial governors, where he pointed out the need to build more homes.

The official indicated that work is being done “on the infrastructure and the recovery of common services, but very little inside the houses and in emergencies that would give more comfort to the houses and tranquility to their inhabitants.”

points out Tribune of Havana that “the near paralysis of the Cuban economy in 2021” due to the COVID-19 pandemic affected the delays in housing plans. In this sense, the newspaper called for “not to ignore” how much “the intensified US blockade” impacts on these goals.

According to official statistics, 18,645 homes were completed in Cuba in 2021, 58% of the original planning for the year. The figure includes state plans, subsidies and “actions by own effort that made it possible to finish 7,481 houses out of 16,579 planned.”

The authorities indicate that among the main limitations were the deficit of cement, steel, aggregates, imported raw materials for metalwork, sanitary furniture, among other items.

In 2019, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel assured that the government would deliver a daily house per municipality to alleviate the housing deficit in the country, something that, judging by official figures, seems far from being fulfilled.

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