Regime announces the construction of a division on land expropriated from Expica

Regime announces the construction of a division on land expropriated from Expica

Daniel Ortega’s regime announced that it will build 450 homes as part of a new housing division of the Bismarck Martínez program, on land expropriated from the Central American Isthmus Livestock Exhibition (Expica).

Through her mid-day address, the deputy president of the Rosario Murillo regime reported that “the design of streets and this distribution is already being carried out, as are those that are part of the housing program. They are houses of more or less 70 meters, with plots of land of 150 square meters and expansion options », said Murillo.

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The project named Mirador Xolotlán will be the new residential in the city of Managua that remains, precisely where the Expica lands were, which, according to Murillo, “were recovered by the Nicaraguan state to make them available to Nicaraguan families.”

Regime announces the construction of a division on land expropriated from Expica
Expica closes in Nicaragua after 28 years as a permanent headquarters in the country. Photo: Internet

The deputy president promised that the regime will deliver the first homes in the first 15 days of December. The consummation of the expropriation of Expica took place last Tuesday, September 20, with the seizure of the office facilities and the land.

Expica’s legal personality was canceled on July 18 along with nine other non-profit organizations. The illegalization occurred days before the start of the XXVII Expica Fair, which was scheduled to take place from July 21 to 31. The twenty-seventh permanent Expica 2022 fair would also have livestock exhibitions and its offer would include all kinds of agricultural products, supplies and machinery, as well as the sale of new vehicles.

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After announcing the cancellation of the fair, the directors stressed that their “commitment for 28 years, as the permanent headquarters of the most important livestock platform in the Central American region, remains firm.” They also stressed that “the agricultural development of our country and the region has been and will continue to be our mission. Which is palpable in Nicaragua through more than 18 thousand specimens of high genetic value that have participated over the years and the more than 200 commercial companies that each year have been an integral part of the country’s success “

Expica was created in 1994 with the purpose of promoting the exchange of experience in the livestock sector through a Central American fair that was part of the tourist attraction of the August festivities in Managua. The closure of the organization caused economic losses for dozens of ranchers and other businessmen, both nationally and regionally.

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