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Regarding the inclusion of the non-binary gender in the identification cards in Colombia: Johna John, first master of the Valley

Regarding the inclusion of the non-binary gender in the identification cards in Colombia: Johna John, first master of the Valley

The Constitutional Court asked the Government and the Registry to have everything ready to include the non-binary category in the sex markers. The term is a maximum of 6 months. Valle del Cauca had its first master’s degree in Plastic Arts with a non-binary degree.

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After the guardianship imposed by Dani García, 40, who pointed out that he has suffered throughout these years by not being able to have a document that does not give him an identification with male or female gender, but as non-binary, the Constitutional Court responded a few days ago for him.

Likewise, the Court asked both the National Government and the Registry to make the modification and include the non-binary gender within a maximum period of 6 months.

With this, what the high court specified is that it is sought that more non-binary people who comply with the established requirements and wish to correct the sex component, “can opt for that category, with the same guarantees as those who officially identify themselves in binary form”.

Johna John, First Master and her non-binary degree

Johna John Campo Betancourt, visual artist and activist who has decided to “leave as a precedent my testimony as the first master’s degree in Plastic Arts” graduated from Fine Arts in Valle del Cauca, this means that it is a non-binary degree, neither for men nor for women. woman, for master.

With his example, Campo, who defines himself as a ‘passionate Cuzco trans artist from the city of Cali’, wants other people who identify as non-binary to have the same possibility of recognition.

Master, a title that leads the way

His degree is part of the professionalization program for empirical artists of the Government of Valle del Cauca.

Master in Plastic Arts, Johna John Campo, artist from Cali.

It is the first case for an official title in which the term master is used, not teacher or teacher.

A third gender that gains space in the fight for the rights to equality and recognition, at an institutional level.

Johna John, was able to obtain this title based on Ruling T-447/19, of the Constitutional Court, for which the Academic Council issued the resolution that allowed “adopt the gender perspective and inclusive language” to title master.

Although this is the first case in Colombia, in European countries and in Argentina, the possibility of a third sex has already been included in identity documents and other legal processes.

In Argentina for example, in the DNI there is already the option of an X to mark the sex: Man, Woman, X. And in Colombia the Court asked the National Government to do the same.

In the case of Valle del Cauca, “it is an important recognition in our departments, that public institutions are recognizing that gender identities are not only between masculine and feminine, but that there are other students with another gender identity”, Yurani Romero said at the time.

Romero, Secretary of Gender Equity in the Valley, highlighted the step that Fine Arts took.

In addition, he highlighted the courage of Johna John to fight for her right and set a precedent, within the framework of respect for differences.

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