Refusal to be vaccinated will not cause direct sanctions

Refusal to be vaccinated will not cause direct sanctions

The measure reinforces the requirement to present the vaccination certificate to access spaces for gathering people.

The Ecuadorian Government reported that it will not apply sanctions direct against those citizens who ignore the Obligation to apply the vaccine against Covid-19, according to a decision taken on Thursday (December 23, 2021), but will only be limited in the access to all kinds of events for not having the vaccination certificate.

“We hope that people comply. The Portfolio does not apply sanctions to those not immunized«, Informed the Ministry in a statement before the doubts that an announcement has aroused among the citizens that decreed the vaccination as mandatory.

And he explains that the sense of obligation emanates directly from a recent decision of the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) to prevent entry to “certain non-essential activities” if the participant does not present the vaccination card with complete guideline.

This will be required in “events, cinemas, museums and others” by decision of the COE and will be managed “through municipalities and decentralized autonomous governments (GAD)” and, therefore, “they will monitor compliance.”

Ecuador announced this Thursday that from now on it will consider compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 although it left loose fringes in terms of the application of the measure.

In a video communication, the Deputy Minister of Governance and Health Surveillance, José Ruales, insists that “verification of compliance occurs in relation to the ability to use these public or private spaces.”

«In the case of non-compliance in these places, that is, the certificateThose entities that provide public services must be sanctioned by the corresponding authorities; not the unvaccinated, “says the press release.

To clarify doubts, the Ministry abounds that the access ban It cannot be applied either in workplaces, or in hospitals, “or to students to access an educational institution.”

The restrictions began to apply from this midnight Thursday to Friday Ecuador time (05.00 GMT on Friday), and will be in force until January 23, when a new analysis of the advance of the pandemic and the expansion of the omicron variant.

It also explains that they will be applied to anyone over 12 years of age.

The measures have been imposed after the detection of at least twenty cases of the omicron variant and a generalized increase in infections, which the authorities attribute to the festive days for the Day of the Dead in November, the Quito Foundation in December and, from this Friday, the Christmas festivities. EFE


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